1- The color of the dress:

There is no specific rule about the colors of the engagement dresses if they are to be held at home, but it is better to choose an engagement dress in a distinct color and that matches your skin tone in order to show your attractiveness.

2- Embroidery:

If you intend to hold the engagement ceremony at home, you should choose a dress with simple embroideries. For example, go for dresses embroidered with a few sequins or pearl beads, or those that suffice with some shiny threads.

3 - The shape of the dress:

Choose from many engagement dresses, soft cuts that attractively highlight your body curves. Stay away from dresses with thick cuts from the upper half. Also, stay away from the fluffy dresses, because they will suit most outdoor parties.

- It is preferable not to choose an engagement dress with a tail, because it will cause you to stumble while dancing, and it is not suitable for an engagement party at home.

- If you are a fan of short dresses, then you can choose a short engagement dress and choose amazing high-heeled shoes with it.

- If you are veiled and intend to tailor a long-sleeved blouse to wear under your engagement dress, do not embroider it. The simpler you are, the more attractive your look.

4 - Accessories:

Don't overdo wearing accessories during your engagement, just stick to a delicate hand bracelet, elegant earrings, and a distinctive ring.